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Teradata and Data Lakes

Keep original raw data fidelity

What is a Data Lake?

Raw data fidelity, long-term storage, low cost.

Data lakes and data warehouses are both design patterns, but they are opposites. Data warehouses structure and package data for the sake of quality, consistency, reuse, and performance with high concurrency. Data lakes complement warehouses with a design pattern that focuses on original raw data fidelity and long-term storage at a low cost while providing a new form of analytical agility.

The Value in Data Lakes

Data lakes meet the need to economically harness and derive value from exploding data volumes. This “dark” data from new sources—web, mobile, connected devices—was often discarded in the past, but it contains valuable insight. Massive volumes, plus new forms of analytics, demand a new way to manage and derive value from data.

A data lake is a collection of long-term data containers that capture, refine, and explore any form of raw data at scale. It is enabled by low-cost technologies that multiple downstream facilities can draw upon, including data marts, data warehouses, and recommendation engines.

Common Data Lake Pitfalls On the surface, data lakes appear straightforward—offering a way to manage and exploit massive volumes of structured and unstructured data. But, they are not as simple as they seem, and failed data lake projects are not uncommon across many types of industries and organizations. Early data lake projects faced challenges because best practices had yet to emerge. Now a lack of solid design is the primary reason data lakes don’t deliver their full value.
Teradata Data Lake Solutions Teradata Vantage, the platform for pervasive data intelligence, is designed to tap into the nuggets of information within customers’ data lakes. The Teradata services team is well-versed in leveraging the many benefits of data lakes and related technologies such as Hadoop, Cassandra, and object stores like Amazon S3 and Azure Blob.
Amazon Web Services Use AWS infrastructure with Teradata Vantage – either as-a-service or do-it-yourself.
Microsoft Azure Combine Azure resources with Teradata Vantage – either as-a-service or do-it-yourself.
Teradata Cloud Take advantage of optimized infrastructure designed specifically for Teradata Vantage.
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